Leading custom support provider relies on TruExperience to improve productivity of remote Call Center agents who use voice, internet, and social media.

Custom Support Solutions

  • Supports household name Fortune 500 brands
  • Size: 100,000 employees in remote locations
  • Location: 10+ countries
  • Challenges
  • Rapid migration of 50,000 on-site agents to work-at-home due to pandemic with the same quality and performance standards.
  • Monitoring IT infrastructure supporting home-based work environments including private network connections, voice session border controllers, and connections to carriers and circuits.
  • TruExperience
  • Developed desktop collectors to deploy and complement HQ sensors previously deployed to gather data and activity on remote worker desktops.
  • Quickly tailored to aggregate and monitor the IT infrastructure across physical sensors and desktop collectors.
  • Delivered robust visualizations with drilldown capabilities to the user level.
  • Successful
  • Virtual sensors run from multiple regions, continually testing endpoints from various perspectives to evaluate UX.
  • IT teams make decisions about where to staff agents or redirect workflows, e.g., switching call center representatives from one ISP to another as soon as issues are detected or even before service is impacted.
  • TruExperience workflow communicates with core systems including active directory, incident capture, and workforce management for agent schedule data.
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