The TruExperience Platform increases your agents’
productivity and experience.


  • Call Center operations teams need to make timely hiring decisions. And they need to know definitively if a candidate agent’s remote work environment can deliver what is required.
  • Supervisors need to make sure calls are only routed to agents that can deliver the correct level of service.
  • The business needs to manage a consistent customer service level and avoid poor CSAT and lost revenue while managing the cost of agents who cannot be productive.
  • The challenge is measuring these unique agent and customer-specific metrics from the correct perspective. How can you analyze and remediate issues quickly?

Solution: The TruExperience platform provides meaningful insights that enable analytic and remediation strategies. It manages information across all networks, applications, and services to provide an accurate view of an agent’s predicted experience. The data is enriched through integrations with ITSMs, workforce management, and voice systems, enabling all teams within an organization to make informed decisions.

Better data enables better decisions. This results in higher CSAT, greater productivity, and reduced costs across agent FTEs, supervisors, business organizations, and support teams.

The TruExperience platform securely provides a hyper-accurate perspective of your agents’ and customers’ digital journey.

Real-time measurements and assessments of the end users’ technical journey, captured from various perspectives across the IT ecosystem, deliver actionable intelligence that enables your organization to provide flawless digital services.

Capturing the end user experience is critical for IT success.

As organizations continue to invest in technological growth, become more complex, and incorporate additional forms of mixed infrastructure (e.g. cloud, hybrid cloud, etc.), understanding the end user experience becomes of paramount importance to maintaining a competitive business edge.

Truly knowing the customer experience is the key to successfully delivering a great customer experience. TruExperience adroitly gathers intelligence from throughout your entire infrastructure, including the following:

Voice and data delivery systems

Cloud, hybrid, physical and virtual environments

End user resources, such as active directories, workforce management systems, and secure access systems

End nodes, such as laptops and smart phones

Key capabilities

Delivered as a SaaS from the Truiem cloud, TruExperience ascertains the service availability and performance impact on each individual end user’s activity – from multiple perspectives. These capabilities include:

  • Site readiness
  • Network readiness
  • Application readiness
  • Voice readiness
  • Governance and compliance
  • Capacity management

With TruExperience, Call Center operations teams can:

  • Create a true baseline of availability and performance of digital services
  • Capture and improve the agents’ and the customer’s actual journey
  • Minimize poor end-user experiences
  • Ensure compliance with SLAs, particularly new SLAs that are emerging for remote user ISPs and desktop users
  • Ensure actual change control outcomes match expected outcomes, illuminating end-user productivity
Key Features
  • Delivered as SaaS
  • Rapid service activation
  • Target visualizations for workgroups
    (Operations, EUS, ELT, IT, etc.)
  • Highly scalable and highly secure
  • API integration with critical systems
    (ACD, WFM, AD, ITSM, etc.)
  • Simple commercial model
Technical Benefits
  • Full transparency of service
  • IT connectivity and service assurance
  • Proactive vs. reactive remediation
  • Edge, client, and server perspectives
Business Benefits
  • Ability to send customers only to
    agents that can deliver proper
  • Management of agent
    performance and staffing costs
  • Consistent and reliable IT processes across the organization
  • Improved service levels and CSAT
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