Workflow process automation brings efficiency
and effectiveness to ITOps management.


Provides positive outcomes for your overall business


Overcomes strategic technical challenges that your organization faces every day


Supports rapidly changing IT infrastructure delivery models, such as remote workers


Easily adapts to emerging technology solutions within established governance platforms, such as ServiceNow

Eliminate manual tasks and rip inefficiency out of your system with low-code building blocks.

The TruFlow platform’s ability to rapidly generate automations helps your organization optimize the skilled resources at your disposal. This accelerates the time-to-value of services and products delivered to your customers. The TruFlow platform delivers solutions in days or weeks – not months.

The TruFlow platform works with hundreds of existing APIs from popular infrastructure vendors. This provides the creation of intelligent building blocks from which to build robust workflows.

TruFlow enhances your team’s technical and business processes. It provides behind-the-scenes orchestration through automation. Your customers won’t even know it’s there!

With TruFlow, Truiem delivers on the promise of simple orchestration – empowering the IT organization to influence their own business outcomes.

TruFlow gets your business into the flow by adapting to and automating your existing workflow processes.

The Truiem TruFlow App Requester improves operational efficiency by enabling IT workflow process automation tailored to your organization’s ecosystem.

The Truiem TruFlow platform automates processes from more than 100 IT environments and scales to thousands of API requests per second.

Platform features:

Service Assurance
Reduced noise with holistic ITOps management.

Advanced Automation Functionality
Zero touch provisioning and orchestration.

Event Management and Response
Closed-loop automation and self-healing.

Service Provisioning
Rapid, Seamless integration for business services and a faster time to value.

Greater visibility to identify and manage compliance risks.

Drag and Drop Interface
Provides low-code integration and automation and bi-directional integration to 3rd-party solutions.

Business benefits:

  • Greater process efficiency through automation integration.
  • Increase in-task productivity (fewer manual task hand-offs).
  • Enforces conformity to standardization via a templated process.
  • Drives a better level of customer service via IT process automation workflow.
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