TruExperience for Life Sciences provides a real-time view of your customers’ experience.
Healthcare has changed dramatically. You need to deliver a seamless, satisfying digital experience whenever and wherever your customers need it. An always-on and well-performing infrastructure across the ecosystem is now a requirement.

TruExperience – a clear line of sight on your systems and processes through the eyes of your customer.


  • Call centers deliver omnichannel methods of communication for healthcare stakeholders and play a critical role in relationships across the ecosystem.
  • Hybrid service models, which are required to support a diverse user base, involve cloud-based and local resources, complex and disparate data sources, and demanding service levels.
  • An always-on, optimally performing infrastructure is critical to deliver a seamless end-to end user experience.
  • In patient care, IT issues such as slow response times, inability to access the solution, and unexpected errors, take on a whole new meaning.


TruExperience – Digital Experience Monitoring Platform.

  • Provides clear line of sight on your information, applications, channels and platform performance.
  • Ensures continuous assessment of availability, health, and authenticity from each user perspective.
  • Identifies gaps in the experience, generates automation to remediate issues, and improves operational efficiency.
  • Helps deliver the optimal digital journey, available to your stakeholders 100% of the time.

The TruExperience for Life Sciences platform provides a secure, hyper-accurate perspective of your users’ and customers’ digital experience across the continuum of care.

TruExperience performs real-time measurements and assessments of your end-users experience from appropriate perspectives across the continuum of care. TruExperience-enabled actionable intelligence ensures a flawless digital experience.

TruExperience helps your digital initiatives deliver outstanding user experience 100% of the time.


  • The new healthcare model introduces infrastructure and 24/7 accessibility challenges.
  • Traditional call centers have evolved into multi-channel digital doorways. Your customers want flexible access to tools and services wherever and whenever desired.


TruExperience provides:

  • End to end visibility and adaptability
  • Secure, hyper-accurate user perspectives
  • Outstanding customer-centric experience
  • Patients, clinicians, societies and partners

Your key competitive advantage is a seamless, satisfying user experience.

Digital front door – omni-channel engagement

  • Voice, data, video and on demand content
  • Real-time remote access

Consistent access across the continuum of care

  • Cloud, hybrid, physical, virtual environments
  • Supports continuous process improvement

Supports a wide range of end user resources

  • EMR/EHR, HIS, labs, scheduling and, discharge content
  • Clinical opportunities beyond traditional boundaries

Integration across many types of end nodes

  • In-hospital, pop-ups and, remote worker access
  • Laptop, smart phones, remote monitor and, wearables

The TruExperience for Life Sciences

Patients to Care

Always open – digital front door

  • Remote patient monitoring devices
  • Deviceless remote monitoring
  • Digital health and wearables
Clinical Trials

Bringing the trial to the patient

  • Standardized process and oversight
  • Improved communication and compliance
  • Visibility to sites and study progress

Improving timely access to content

  • Connection with diverse industry partners
  • On-demand content and resources
  • Real-time engagement
Key Features
  • Delivered as SaaS
  • Rapid service activation
  • Target visualizations for workgroups (Operations, EUS, ELT, IT, etc.)
  • Highly scalable and highly secure
  • API integration with critical systems (ACD, WFM, AD, ITSM, etc.)
  • Simple commercial model
Technical Benefits
  • Full transparency of service delivery
  • IT connectivity and service assurance
  • Proactive vs. reactive remediation
  • Edge, client, and server perspectives
  • Enable data driven insight
  • Confirm that critical applications are available
  • Anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user experience issues
Business Benefits
  • Ability to send customers only to agents that can deliver proper service
  • Management of agent performance and staffing costs
  • Consistent and reliable IT processes across the organization
  • Improved service levels and CSAT
  • Enable your IT team to quickly identify, isolate and remediate problems
  • Enable transparency across the business
  • Continuity across the continuum of care
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