Do you
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Call Center agents
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TruExperience™ A proven solution to optimize and sustain Call Center agent productivity.

Do you know if your Call Center agents are losing productivity?

TruExperienceTM A proven solution to optimize and sustain Call Center agent productivity.

Call Center productivity is being challenged by more remote workers, more communication channels, more technology clouds, and escalating complexity. TruExperience simplifies everything. It informs your operational and financial decisions with critical service delivery data. Whether you’re starting with a single agent or managing 65K agents, we have a solution for you.

How the world’s leading Call Centers see themselves.

TruExperience measures agents’ most impactful and expected service delivery experiences, enhancing operational efficiency, risk management, and governance. We achieve this through two methodologies:

Scenario-based assessments

TruExperience understands the capabilities each infrastructure component needs to deliver the overall service. The platform builds a catalog of scenarios used to assess the contribution of each component in the context of the overall service experience – rapidly identifying problems that prevent a consistent service experience.

Perspective-based analytics

TruExperience delivers insights generated by scenario-based assessments tailored to its audience. Perspectives can span the business owner, IT systems, IT operations, and even individual end users.

How we work with your IT infrastructure.

TruExperience gathers data from the proper perspectives across the entire service experience platform, identifying standard deviations and their impact on the delivery of services. Working with your existing IT investment, TruExperience improves your users’ experiences and overall productivity.

Truiem Platforms

TruExperience Components

The TruExperience Platform delivers visibility and increased productivity for a range of agents and employees.

Call Centers Agents

Delivers determinative measurement of the critical systems and technologies required for agents to meet the most demanding business and financial goals.

Business & IT Operations

Provides essential insights into the true performance of critical systems and agent actions the business relies on for customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and financial performance.

Remote Workers

Informs legacy IT service assurance platforms on all remote workers for a no-compromise work-at-home experience.

What customers are saying:

“We know about issues affecting agent productivity before the helpdesk receives calls from the operations teams.” — Leading Global Business Process Outsourcer

Our partner development team will guide you to integrate the TruExperience digital experience monitoring platform into your existing offer. We’ll work closely with you to deliver targeted solutions that meet your customers’ specific needs.

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